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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are better, corrugated signs or Poly Sleeve signs?

It depends on the intended use. For longer term applications (over 9 months) corrugated signs will give you more longevity. But you don’t need to worry, all inks used at SignRocket are UV and designed to handle the elements. SignRocket recommends corrugated for applications over 9 months, but when you're needing shorter term signage (< 9 months) or on a budget, Poly Sleeve signs are a popular option.


2. So what other advantages are there to Poly Sleeve signs?

Saving money is always an advantage, but here’s a few more to consider. 100 Corrugated signs weigh 41 lbs. and fit in a box 20 x 24 x 17. A box of 100 Poly Sleeve signs measures 4.5 x 4.5 x 24 and weighs in at a mere 10 lbs. So whether you're having them shipped or loading 500 into your Saturn, it’s easy to see the advantages.


3. Why don’t I see more Poly Sleeve signs out on the streets?

Simple. There’s no one else out there who can do what we’re doing! Until now, printing on Poly Sleeves has been confined primarily to large quantities because the flexographic process used was extremely expensive to set up. Enter the mad scientist. With an obsession to bring Poly Sleeves into the market mainstream, our people designed & developed presses that use the same low cost set-up as corrugated, but print on the lesser expensive poly! This marriage made in heaven is now revolutionizing the industry and has others scrambling!


4. What type of file should I send if I am sending artwork?

For 1 & 2 color corrugated and 1 color Poly Sleeve signs you may send an Illustrator, eps, Corel Draw or an editable pdf. For all digital or full color signage, send an eps, illustrator, tiff, pdf or high res. jpeg.


5. How much can I modify a template?

What ever it is that you like about a particular template, that much can be carried over into whatever new ideas you choose to bring in.


6. Can I see a proof without placing an order?

Yes. The cost to do this is $40.00. However, if you choose to place the order, this cost will then be dissolved into the total cost of the order.


7. When will my credit card be processed?

Credit cards will be pre-authorized after you place your order. Only after you approve your proof will the card be run through for charges.


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